Coffee Cart

Serving Kits Beach Thursday - Sunday

We love Kits and we love coffee. Come see us serving up cold brew, pour over coffee, and artisanal coffee popsicles at Kits Beach all summer.


Our solar powered bike cart is setup on Arbutus Street across from the volleyball courts early morning until we're sold out.

We brew beans that are fair trade sustainably grown and sourced direct from farmers and roasted right here in Vancouver.


Looking forward to seeing you soon.



Cold Brew Iced Coffee


Rich, smooth, and delicious cold brew coffee on tap served over ice. Enjoy it black or with cream or non-dairy milk.

Cold Brew Coffee Popsicles


The popsicles are handmade with cold brew coffee and mixed with additional flavours and creams to make a delicious frappuccino-style frozen coffee treat.

-Cold Brew Coffee Fudgsicle

-Cold Brew Coconut Cream Popsicle (non-dairy)

-Cold Brew Cream Popsicle

-Mango Cream Popsicle (non-coffee)

Pour Over Coffee


A fun and delicious way of making drip coffee that gets the most flavour out of the beans.

Cold Brew Cream Float


The ultimate summer coffee treat. A  cream popsicle placed in a cold brew coffee. Stir it, dip it, let it melt and enjoy the fun.

KITStarter Cookies


Everything but the kitchen sink cookie to start your day at the beach.

Debit & credit only. Prices exclude tax.



1275 Arbutus Street, Vancouver

Across from the beach volleyball courts

Thursday - Sunday (weather depending)

8:30 am - 4 pm (or sold out)

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​All apparel is sold out, and new items will be available again in Spring 2021.