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Butterflyway Pollinator Project


Want our neighbourhood to be butterfly-filled? 
Want to learn more about rewilding and protecting our pollinators in our community?

Want to take more action in conservation and protecting our environment?


Kits Beach Coffee is an official volunteer with the David Suzuki Foundation and the Butterflyway Ranger Program (yes we have a ranger hat).

The goal of the Butterflyway Project is to establish small habitats in our own communities for local bees and butterflies by planting native wildflowers in home gardens, patio gardens, schools, and any businesses with outdoors plants.

Join Us!

We are looking for local habitat gardens in close proximity to our cafe and home to join our Pollinator Project. We provide all the materials, including seed starter packets and in person/online events to learn and connect with your pollinating community.  

Why are pollinator gardens so important?


85% of pollination occurs from private and individual homes. We have lost 45% of our insects because of climate change, pollution and loss of green spaces. 

Who Should Join? People who enjoy the following...


  1. Walking and spending time around gardens and flowers.

  2. Watching the plants change over the season.

  3. Looking for bugs and being in nature.

  4. Learning about rewilding and conservation at home.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in, please let us know and we can get started. 

Next Team Meeting/ Information Session:

Tuesday, June 20th 

Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

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