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Date: Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Time: 6pm - 8pm

In Person & Online Options

Want to learn how to shift perspectives and decolonize your mindset?
Want to learn how to navigate the intersections of reconciliation and well-being?

Want to learn practical tools to support your nervous system through a decolonized lens?




This 2-hour workshop is offered in person with online options, and is facilitated by Vanessa Lesperance and Ariana Fotinakis.


The workshop is rooted in the context of colonization and the impacts it has on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Explore the use of Somatics, breath-work and dialogue as tools for cultivating greater nervous system resiliency to navigate changes in our personal, professional and societal realms.


Reconciliation and decolonization calls for disruptive change in how we show up, engage, learn and listen. Change can be uncomfortable and conflicts can arise; receive tools to better equip you for this change to navigate it in a good way.



  • Explore the intersection between decolonization and nervous system regulation

  • Learn about the various nervous system responses that can arise when we engage in difficult conversations

  • Discover practical tools you can use to increase your capacity to navigate disruptive social change

  • Engage in small group discussions and activities for deeper reflection and integration 


Vanessa Lesperance (she/her) is a heart-centered mixed heritage Metis (French-Anishinaabe) woman who is reclaiming her Metis roots. The proud descendant of voyageurs and ancestors who were part of the Red River Resistance.

Vanessa is the co-founder of Decolonize and Rize and a facilitator, speaker. and connector. She holds a graduate degree in business from SFU and a masters degree in leadership from Royal Roads University with a focus on decolonizing business through workplace spirituality. She works with Indigenous entrepreneurs (women and youth) from across Turtle Island . Vanessa has also been published in a few publications and co-teaches at the Justice Institute on Power & Privilege.


Ariana Fotinakis (she/her) is a woman of mixed ancestry, with Anishinaabe and Greek roots. A daughter of  Sixties Scoop survivor, Ariana is proud to be reclaiming her roots.

As the co-founder of Decolonize and Rize and a trauma-informed coach and breathwork facilitator, Ariana brings a grounded, gentle, and compassionate approach that supports her clients in their healing and decolonial journeys. Since 2013 she has supported 100s of clients across the globe with transformational change. Ariana understands the need to meet her clients where they’re at and believes everyone has the resources they need within to make positive changes in their lives and communities.

*** All attendees (in person and online) will be given an event package with additional resources and trauma-care resources to support your learning one week prior to the event date.

Your investment in this workshop is $47. For those whose financial abundance may need support, please email Sarah for details on our community rates.

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