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Vibe maintenance.

Side effects may include: increased vitality, better sleep and inner nourishment.

Sip your way to better health or move your way towards more ease and joy. Our teas and Ritual Kits can work gently and subtly, day by day to support, uplift and create greater balance in our overall vitality. All teas are hand selected and blended in house with local, organic and wildcrafted sources. Nourish your rituals on the daily with our small batch Ritual Kits to celebrate the seasonal cycles.

All offerings in The Apothecary are created in house by Sarah Jamieson, owner of Kits Beach Coffee. Sarah Jamieson is a trauma-informed Somatics Educator, NLP Practitioner and Intuitive in the arts of herbal craft and wildcrafted rituals.

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Tarot Readings

Intuitive Somatics

Each tarot session is process-focused to provide grounding and reconnection. We start with gentle breath, movement and conversation. To support the current astrology and placements in your personal natal chart, I weave the card’s messages to deepen our conversation and insights towards enhancing your goals.

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Herbal Infusions & Wellness Blends

Sip at home.

Botanical teas are made to order and formulated in house. We create custom blends using only organic and wildcrafted sources to bring you the best in quality and supportive care. Choose from a variety of custom blends to take home.


Small Batch Ritual Kits


We offer Small Batch Intention Kits which are the perfect blend of myth and science.  Each kit has been carefully crafted to work with the energy of the upcoming lunar and seasonal cycles. Pulling guidance from wildcrafting, herbalism and somatic experiencing, you can choose from a variety of kits for greater expansion, personal development, and emotional resilience. Choose from a variety of intentional hand-rolled botanical candles, and to celebrate Imbolc with a pocket ritual kit as we enter the season of Aquarius.

Tarot Somatics Readings

Each month Sarah holds Tarot Readings Sunday evenings at Kits Beach Coffee. Tarot Somatics is a trauma-informed practice that integrates the symbols and meaning of Tarot cards to help you frame your experience, along with exploring the realm of the physical (body), the subconscious (emotions), and the nervous system (safety) through body-based learning, Somatics and NLP Coaching.

Next Dates: 

Sunday May 21st, 5-8pm (New Moon Readings)

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